Modern Heating
with Maine’s Own Fuel

Maine Pellet Fuels Association

Discover the benefit of Maine’s natural resources with wood pellet heat, a sustainable and efficient choice for heating your home, school, or business.

Pellet Heat – Maine’s Smart Alternative

Learn Why Pellet Heat is a Smart Choice for Your Home or Business

Wood pellet heat is an ideal choice in Maine as it uses the abundant and sustainable resources of our vast woodlands, promoting responsible forestry practices.

This practice not only minimizes waste but also turns these byproducts into a clean and efficient energy source.

Wood pellets offer Maine residents an affordable option that not only warms homes effectively but also supports the local economy by utilizing the state’s timber resources.

Wood pellet heat reduces carbon emissions and is an eco-friendly heating choice.

Opting for inexpensive wood pellet heat ensures that dollars spent on fuel stay within Maine, boosting the local economy and promoting self-sufficiency.

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