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Low-Cost Heat

Save Money With Low-Cost Wood Pellet Heat

Wood and natural gas are consistently the lowest-cost heating solutions. But is your home connected to natural gas? Most Maine homes aren’t. Cordwood, the least expensive, is fine if you can handle it and are oblivious to the serious air pollution issues.

Wood pellets are the most consistent in price, year to year, and are not only less expensive than oil but much less expensive than propane and now less expensive than the electricity required for heat pumps.

As the below graph shows, heat pumps, while in some ways very efficient, start to lose their efficiency when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, making their electricity MORE and MORE expensive as the temperature keeps falling. Efficiency Maine, which does an excellent job promoting heat pumps, also notes on its website, “If the temperature drops low enough, the (heat pump) may turn off completely.”

Low-Cost Heat Chart

The Maine Governor’s Office Website regularly compares and updates the cost of heating fuels in Maine. Click the button below to view the current prices!